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Empire Glassworks Abstract Spoon Pipe


$85.00 $60.00

Handmade glass pipe from Empire Glassworks

Made in the USA
High-quality borosilicate dichroic glass
Stunning brightly colored design
Hand-made by local glassblowers in California
Pocket-size design
Carb hole on the left side of the bowl



Empire Glassworks Abstract Spoon Pipe

The Abstract spoon pipe may be a difficult concept to wrap your head around, but luckily, it’s not something you need to understand anyway. Your only job is to be mystified by its cosmic appearance and enticing design!

This piece from Empire Glassworks is made from borosilicate glass with a dichroic coating (hence the exotic coloring). All of the pipes and bongs we sell from them are made by hand in America, with special attention to quality and durability. Not only are the pieces they provide beautiful and highly functional, they’re also an investment that will last you a long time.

The Abstract glass pipe is on the smaller side, coming in at 5.25 inches (13.3 cm) long and with a weight of about 126 grams. It’s perfect for a day out (fits in your pocket) or as a favorite go-to at home. And if you like what the Abstract is hinting at, be sure to check out the full line of spoon pipes and other smoking accessories here at!

Manufacturer: Empire Glassworks
Glass Patterns and Techniques: Dichroic
Color: multi-colored
Length: 5.25 inch / 13.5 cm

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