Empire Glassworks Conch Shell Hand Pipe | Merida

$80.00 $59.99

Pocket-size shell shaped glass hand pipe

Handmade in the USA
Quality borosilicate glass
Custom blended colors
Handcrafted using a special firing process
Sea creature roll stoppers
Limited availability and quantity
Carb hole on the left side of the bowl



Empire Glassworks Conch Shell Hand Pipe | Merida
You may not be able to hear the sea but you will definitely smoke your herbs in style with the Conch Shell Hand Pipe by Empire Glassworks. This beautiful hand pipe is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet large enough to produce consistent, tasty hits.

The Conch Shell Hand Pipe features the finest glass worked by the unrivaled craftsmanship of the artists at Empire Glassworks. It is constructed from the top quality, heat resistant borosilicate glass with stunning custom blended colors to make it look extremely realistic. The shell shaped pipe comes adorned with two cute little sea creatures: a crab and a starfish, which not just adds to the overall appearance, but they also act as the perfect roll stoppers, allowing you to place the pipe on a flat surface without the risk of it rolling over, which enables you to pack the bowl using both your hands. A carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl for extra control of your hits.

To use this super portable pipe, simply load your favorite dry herb or tobacco mix into the bowl, place your lips on the mouthpiece and fire it up! The pipe is easy to clean and use making it the perfect choice for smokers who want a quick hassle free hit while out and about.

Because each piece is individually handmade, the Conch Shell Hand Pipe you receive will be one-of-a-kind. The exact shape may vary slightly from the pipe in the photo but the overall design will be the same. This exclusive pipe is limited in quantity and availability, so make sure you order yours today for an unbeatable price today at

Manufacturer: Empire Glassworks
Glass Patterns and Techniques: Worked
color: multicolored
Length: 9 cm / 3.5 inches


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