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Ghost MV1 Crucible Kit


$23.95 $19.95

Pre-load your herbs and concentrates

Designed for the Ghost MV1
Three ceramic crucibles with lid
Three concentrate pads
Perfect for on the go



Ghost MV1 Crucible Kit

Get prepped with the Ghost MV1 Crucible Kit. The crucible kit contains 3 crucibles, 3 crucible lids and 3 concentrate pads, which enables you to preload the crucibles with herbs and concentrates for on the go.

The crucibles are made from high-quality heatproof ceramic and are all equipped with lids for added safety. The concentrate pads evenly distribute heat, enabling you to get the purest flavor out of your precious concentrates. Get preloaded and ready while you are out and about and order your very own Ghost MV1 Crucible Kit at today!

Manufacturer: Ghost Vapes
Quantity: 3

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