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Grace Glass Straight Bong with Double Drum Perc and Reversals | Green


$199.00 $159.20

Custom bong with worked reversal sections

High-quality borosilicate glass
Straight tube design
Two drum percolators
Reinforced fixed downstem
18.8mm female joint
Male 18.8mm herb bowl with built-in screen
Glass disc with green rim
Reversal sections on percolators and tube
Extra thick foot with glass marbles
Green Grace Glass logo



Grace Glass Straight Bong with Double Drum Perc and Reversals | Green
A beautiful custom bong doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Take this bong for example by Grace Glass with custom features from top to bottom. Equipped with a extra thick foot adorned with glass marbles, two drum percolators with worked sections with reversals on the top, a beautiful glass disc with green rim and a worked section with matching reversals on the top of the tube. All of this and more for a very affordable price.

Smoke travels from the reinforced downstem into the water from were it moves up to the first chamber that contains a drum percolator. The slits in the drum percolator break up the smoke and create a large amount of bubbles that filters the smoke, making it a lot smoother to inhale. The same process starts again in the second chamber that is also equipped with a drum percolator. Leaving you with a lovely smooth toke that is packed with all the purest flavor of your herb, but extremely gentle on the lungs.

This stunning glass bong comes delivered with an 18.8mm clear glass herb bowl with built-in screen and glass marble on the side, that prevents it from rolling when placed on a flat surface. The bowl has a green rim that perfectly matches the green rim on the disc located on the bong. If you are looking for that special eye-catching custom piece to add to your glass collection, look no further. This straight percolator bong by Grace Glass comes with all the features you need for an incredible smoking experience, all for a very affordable price.

Manufacturer: Grace Glass
Glass Patterns and Techniques: Reversal
color: clear
Height: 42 cm / 16.5 inches
Diameter: 65 mm > 45 mm
Joint Size: 18.8 mm

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