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00 Box – Personal Humidor – Spanish Cedar Wood Box with Hygrometer – Medium


$225.00 $180.00

Handmade cedar wood box for storing and curing plant material!

Made in Spain
Metal hinges and clasps
130 micron pollen screen
Magnetized drawer with removable glass tray
Simple humidifying system and hygrometer


00 Box – Personal Humidor – Spanish Cedar Wood Box with Hygrometer – Medium

This beautiful cedar wood box is hand-crafted in Spain, with smooth surfaces, finger joints at the corners, sturdy metal hinges and clasps, and a fantastic aroma that will make it tough to shut the lid and pull yourself away! A humidor is traditionally used to store cigars, but this box is also ideal for storing and curing any plant materials, with a removable 130 micron pollen screen that lets through kief that can be collected by sliding out the drawer at the bottom. The drawer features wooden handles, magnetic closures, and a removable glass tray that make it easy to collect your pollen dust.

The 00 Box features a simple humidifying system to keep your stash from drying out. To use, unscrew the gold disc under the lid, lightly moisten the sponge and replace it with the gold disc in place. It is recommended that you use distilled water to moisten the sponge because it is free from additives and bacteria. This will maintain the level of moisture in the air inside your humidor, which can be monitored with the dial hygrometer on the front of the box. A reading of about 60 is the ideal level to maintain.

A luxurious item for anyone who’s serious about smoking quality, well-cared-for plant material, the 00 Box offers the added bonus of neatly collecting kief in its drawer. The simple and elegant 00 Box logo is applied in black on the bottom right corner of the box’s lid.

Size: 32 x 22 x 10.5 cm / 12.6 x 8.7 x 4.1 inches

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