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‘Blaze Glass’ Clear Glass Bong – Beaker Base – 9mm


$169.00 $135.20

Super heavy 9mm thick glass
Silver Polished “Blaze Glass” Logo
Bistable 18.8 > 14.5 Joint
Diffused downstem
Ideal downstem length: 12.6cm / 4.9 inches
Rubber carbstopper included, for three part functionality



The beaker base ‘Blaze Glass’ Ice bong is made of 9mm super thick clear glass tubing and made with bistable sure grinding joints. This Ice bong comes with blue ice notches and the ‘Blaze Glass’ logo in polished silver on the front of the water pipes cylinder. The “Erl King” design is sandblasted onto the base of the water chamber.

The adapter has a diffuser at the tip and the ‘Blaze Glass’ logo is applied in silver on the stem itself. A super quality piece in an exceptional nice cobalt color

Manufacturer: BLAZE Glass
Height: 45 cm / 17.7 inch Glass
Thickness: 9 mm
Diameter: 50 mm
Ice: Yes Joint
Size: 18.8 mm > 14.5 mm Pearl
Diffuser: Yes

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