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Empire Glassworks Finding Kraken Spoon Pipe


$149.99 $119.99

Take a plunge in this deep sea spectacle

Handcrafted in the USA
High-quality borosilicate glass
Octopus sculpture adorns the bowl
Range of sea creatures on the bowl
Portable design
Beautiful colored worked glass details
Slyme accents
Carb hole on the left side of the bowl
Limited production – only available for a short period
Produced by the trusted artists at Empire Glassworks



Empire Glassworks Finding Kraken Spoon Pipe
Don’t be scared, cause Kraken is hardly a sea monster in this Empire Glassworks design. The dazzling Finding Kraken Spoon Pipe by Empire Glassworks is here to bring an ocean of excitement to your smoking routine! Get pulled into the water and enjoy all the beauty that this pipe has to offer. Both the stem and bowl are adorned with beautiful sea creatures in so many stunning shapes and colors that are bound to leave you mesmerized.

Nobody puts together a pipe quite like Empire Glassworks, and it’s mostly thanks to the care of the artists who make them. Empire is proud to employ local glassblowers in the Placentia, California area to create most of their pieces, and the Finding Kraken is a great example of what they can do. With its intimidating octopus sculpture resting comfortably on the bowl and mind-blowing colors, this pipe can wow a crowd like no other.

If you like what you see in the Finding Kraken Spoon Pipe, it’s smart to make a move. It will swim away after a short period, as the creative team at Empire likes to vary things whenever they can. Once they stop producing a particular design, it’s unlikely that we’ll see it in stock again!

Manufacturer: Empire Glassworks
Glass Patterns and Techniques: Frit, Slyme, Worked
color: multicolored
Length: 15 cm / 5.9 inches

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