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Empire Glassworks Small Beehive Spoon Pipe


$64.99 $49.99

Get your buzz on with this stunning spoon pipe

Made in the USA
High-quality borosilicate glass
Pocket-size design
Bees buzzing all around the bowl
Greenery on the stem
Flattened on the bottom of bowl
Empire Glassworks signature on bottom of the bowl
Carb hole on left side of the bowl



Empire Glassworks Small Beehive Spoon Pipe
The Beehive is one of the favorite themes over at Empire Glassworks – the honeycomb hive sits at center attention, bees lurking around the edges, with some golden honey dripping down here and there. Like all the pieces the California-based company creates, it tells a different story to each person who uses it.

The high-quality spoon pipe is made using borosilicate glass to achieve its spectacular appearance. Each piece is handcrafted and worked by the unrivaled craftsmanship of the artists at Empire Glassworks. At Empire Glassworks they use an advanced firing process, which leaves a special mark on every spoon pipe they create. Yours will be unique to you.

The pipe is relatively small at 4 inches (10 cm) long and easily fits in a small pocket. It’s a great travel companion next to a mini or nano rig, but also serves well as a primary piece. The glass art created by Empire Glassworks is designed to be cherished, and therefore there is a limited run on all their work. They have placed their signature on the bottom of the bowl, so you know you got the real deal. If you like the looks of the Beehive spoon pipe, it’s best to jump on it before it disappears!

Manufacturer: Empire Glassworks
Glass Patterns and Techniques: Worked
color: multicolored
Length: 10 cm / 4 inches

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