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Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control At 55% | 67 Gram


$11.99 $9.59

Perfectly preserved herbs with Integra Boost

2-way humidity control
Replacement indicator card
100% non-toxic and biodegradable
Perfectly preserved herbs
100% salt-free for optimal flavor


Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control At 55% | 67 Gram
Integra Boost 2-Way Humidity Control uses patented technology that responds to the environment you place it in, either releasing or absorbing moisture, while keeping humidity at 55% in a contained environment. Integra Boost keeps your herbs in optimal conditions at all times, without the risk of mold, while perfectly preserving their distinctive flavors.

It includes a hands-free replacement indicator card, so you don’t have to guess anymore whether the product is used up. When the dot on the indicator card turns blue it is time to replace it. It couldn’t be simpler. So whether you live in the dessert or on the coast, your herbs will always be in the best condition.

All of the Integra products are FDA-approved, biodegradable, tear- and spill-resistant and most important of all they are 100% non-toxic. They are also 100% salt-free, so they won’t alter the taste of your herbs, allowing you to enjoy your herbs in optimal condition.

Size: 67 gram

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