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The Beach Bum Gas Mask Bong with Acrylic Tube



BPA free – food grade silicone mask
Detachable parts
Acrylic tube with removable plastic cover
Adjustable head straps
Removable metal downstem
Metal screw on bowl
Use with metal screens
Easy to clean
The Beach Bum decal on bong



Who didn’t thoroughly enjoy watching the adventures of Moondog in The Beach Bum? This epic stoner comedy, launched in the beginning of 2019, starring Matthew McConaughey and master connoisseur Snoop Dogg, is seriously one to watch. As an experienced smoker Moondog knows his shit when it comes to good smoke gear, so he launched his own line of glass pipes, bongs and smoke accessories for us to enjoy.

Get lost in the moon fog with this Gas Mask Bong from The Beach Bum Collection. It is the perfect bong to pull out at a party or impress your friends, even the clumsiest ones, without having to worry about damage. The silicone gas mask and acrylic tube can survive even the roughest handling.

The Beach Bum Gas Mask comes in a random multicolored design and is equipped adjustable head straps to fit comfortably around most heads. The pink acrylic tube on this mask comes with a metal downstem with a metal screw on bowl that is kept in place with a rubber grommet. The bottom of the acrylic tube has a plastic cover that is removable, which makes it extremely easy to clean. We do recommend using a screen in the bowl to prevent ash and herb crumbs from traveling into the bong water. The Beach Bum logo can be found on the mouthpiece.

To use the gas mask bong, simply load up the bowl, securely fasten the mask onto your head with the adjustable straps, fire it up and inhale with the mask firmly pressed against your face. Please ensure to close your eyes when using this bong, or wear a pair of swimming goggles to stop the smoke from going in your eyes as it swirls around inside the mask.

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