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Acrylic Bong with Arched Perc Glass Downstem and Herb Bowl


Made from lightweight, durable acrylic
Acrylic arched percolator
Glass 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem
Ideal downstem length: 8.5 cm / 3.3 inches
Downstem held in place with rubber grommet
Male glass 14.5mm herb bowl with handle
Bowl is decorated with black and white glass beads
Stable circular foot
Plastic mouthpiece
Available in a range of colors



This straight tube acrylic percolator bong is compatible with dry herbs and has been made in the USA. The bong measures 33 cm / 13 inches tall and is constructed from lightweight, colored acrylic. The bong is fitted with an acrylic arched tube percolator located in the middle of the tube. The bong has a stable circular foot and comes equipped with a glass 14.5mm slitted diffuser downstem that’s held in place with a rubber grommet. A removable glass male 14.5mm herb bowl that seamlessly fits the joint of the downstem is included with your purchase. The glass herb bowl is decorated with black and white colored beads and has a handle for safety and easy removal. The bongs black plastic mouthpiece feels comfortable to use and is removable for easy cleaning.

The bong does a great job of cooling the bubbly smoke as it travels through the downstems submerged slits before breaking on the water and moving up and through the arched percolator. The smoke is further cooled as it diffuses in the upper chamber before exiting through the mouthpiece. This process results in a cooler, cleaner, more filtered toke that is easy on the lungs and throat, but still packed with flavor.

The arched percolator is made from clear acrylic so you can see the percolator in action. This bong is available in a selection of eye catching colors. Please select the color of your choice from the available options in the drop down menu when you place your order.

This acrylic bong is a great choice for dry herb smokers who are searching for a top performing, durable percolator bong for an affordable price. Order your acrylic percolator bong today at the number one online head shop

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