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Grav Labs Glass Silicone Blunt



Made in the USA, ships from the USA
High grade borosilicate glass
Rounded mouthpiece
Can also be used for vape
Shipped in random color



No time to roll one? Using this glass blunt couldn’t be easier! Just slide out the inner tube, fill the chamber with herb, and light it up! Push the tube in as you smoke to push the ashes out. Handmade by Grav Labs in Austin, Texas using high quality borosilicate glass, this is a blunt “wrap” you can fill and smoke over and over again! You can also use this glass pipe for vaping by placing some bud inside the tube and lighting it from underneath rather applying the flame directly to the plant material from the open tip.

This small glass blunt measures about 3 inches in length with the inner tube pushed all the way in. The Grav Labs logo decal is applied along the tube in red, green, black, blue or orange. Choose color when ordering (as available).

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