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Glasscity Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc and Tree Perc



High quality clear glass construction
Straight tube design
Honeycomb disc percolator
Tree percolator
Rimmed mouthpiece
Reinforced fixed downstem
14.5mm ground joint
14.5mm male herb bowl
Colored glass accents throughout
Stable circular foot
Colored Glasscity honeycomb decal
Ice notches
No carb hole
Easy to clean and maintain
Available in a selection of colors



This impressive glass bong is equipped with a tree percolator and a honeycomb disc for double percolation power. The bong is constructed from durable glass and comes with an 14.5mm ground joint, a reinforced fixed downstem, a stable circular foot, and a removable male herb bowl. The bong works hard to provide powerful filtration to your hits, and the ice notches enable you to add important cooling to the smoke. The top-performing piece is decorated with Glasscity honeycomb decal, and matching color glass accents can be seen on the rimmed mouthpiece, on the circular foot, and on the dome of the tree percolator.

The bong works by pulling the smoke through the fixed downstem and through the bubbly water before it breaks on the surface. The smoke then gets broken up into smaller particles as it travels up and through the honeycomb disc and through the slitted arms of the tree percolator. This double percolation process results in a smoother, more filtered hit that’s full of flavor and less harsh on the throat. For added cooling, try placing a few ice cubes in the tube for an even cooler hit.

This affordable double percolator ice bong will last for years if maintained and cleaned correctly, and it makes a great addition to any glass collection. The bong measures 25 cm / 9.8 Inches in height and is available to order with a selection of different color accents: Blue, Green, and Black. Please select the color of choice from the available options in the dropdown menu when placing your order. Check out our extensive range of smoking products and accessories and add some style to your smoke sessions. Order your Glasscity Ice Bong with Honeycomb Disc and Tree Perc today, for an unbeatable price at

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